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Learn how to bring balance to your life, create happiness and success, goal setting develop healthy self-talk, assertiveness, and the power of positive thinking.

[8 week session]

Learn personal accountability, building confidence, managing emotions, how to develop healthy relationships, positive body image, and dealing effectively with difficult situations.

[10 week session]

Learn fundamentals of financial literacy, money management, entrepreneurship, creating and using a budget, and how to discuss finances to make better decisions.

[10 week session]

A Mother’s Love Foundation currently offers 3 different programs to assist our community. Each program was created to address what we see daily in the childcare sector. If you or someone you know can benefit from what we offer, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Mothers Of Movements

Our Mothers Of Movements (M.O.M.) program assists parents of special needs children by providing information on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We also link families, advocates and self-advocates together to aid in the care each child needs.
Support Groups

  • Support Groups
  • Special Education Advocates
  • Special Needs Parenting Classes
  • Emotional Literacy Classes or Therapy

Protecting Our Own Future

This program assists our youth in finding their purpose or way in the world. We empower youth to make healthy choices for themselves so they can become the youth they want to be. This mentoring program is in person as well as online.

  • Rite of Passage Group Activities
  • Financial Literacy Classes
  • Emotional Literacy Classes
  • Etiquette Classes and Activities

Family All Coming Together

Our Family All Coming Together Program helps pregnant and parenting young adults learn to care for themselves and their babies. We strive to support the young parents’ need to continue their education, plan or find a jobs to support themselves and become self-sufficient.

  • Parenting Support Groups
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Parenting Classes
  • Childcare Vouchers

Other areas our current programs can assist with:

*Rental assistance. *Transportation (temporary and permanent) *Childcare vouchers *Parenting classes *Therapy *Child activity vouchers *Clothing Vouchers *Entrepreneurship training * Support groups *Special education advocates *Advocates that stand in the gap for parents

Mrs.Tiffany has helped me all throughout my life from elementary school and now while in college. She would assist me in finding amazing programs that peeked my interests. I don’t know how I would have made it to college without her taking me the black college expo and physically helping me with college applications. Mrs. Tiffany has helped me change my life and get to the mindset I’m at now. She is kind, compassionate and always has gone out her way to help me.

Jazmine L.

Mother In Our Program

Being a first time mom is truly stressful but being a first time mom to twins was more than I could handle on my own. Mrs. Tiffany was a God send for my family. As a single mother, she has helped me stay on track with what is important to my family and has pushed me to expect more out of life. Without her assistance, my children would not be in dual immersion, playing the flute and trumpet, or continuing their love for S.T.E.M. I appreciate everything her programs have provided and look forward to my children continuing with her until they finish high school.

Natosha T.

Mother In Our Program

Since the beginning, Mrs.Tiffany was always there and for that I’m forever grateful. She has always taken the time out her day to assist me with anything that comes to mind.I would say confidently that Mrs.Tiffany is the best when it comes to making sure your child has the Discipline, Courage, Respect and Smarts to continue to the next grade. During times of struggle and hardship, I have been blessed to have an amazing hearted person by my side and in my corner. I didn’t have the best High School experience but with Ms.Tiffany’s assistance and an excessive amount of understanding towards my situation, it’s safe to say the puzzle pieces couldn’t have fit any better.

Branden M.

College Student


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