Shandrea Daniels


Shandrea has always had a keen sense of enhancing and solving problems or assisting companies in advancing their presence to gain more revenue and capital for self-sufficiency. With over eleven years in education, Shandrea taught for seven years in all Humanities and Social Studies subjects and later became the Dean of Culture for a 6th-12th Grade Charter School in Carson, CA. After being a Dean and a new mom, she earned the principal title, right after helping the charter school’s renewal success with the LA County Office of Education. She was honored as the second African American female to do so and the first African American Female for her designated school. Over the next three years, she paved the way to change the culture and climate to provide a stable and prosperous top Middle and High School within the LA County Office of Education. The school improved enrollment by over 80%; the educators’ demographics became even more diversified and modeled the population of students. The college attendance rates improved while the suspension rates declined. There was a strong commitment to strategies to enhance parent engagement and develop a strong pipeline for classified staff to become teachers and administrators. The teacher and staff retention rate in Shandrea’s last year was over 90%.